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Adult Hitting


The USA Training Centers Adult Winter Slow Pitch Softball Hitting League is an indoor hitting league that puts batters against live pitching throughout the winter months. The league will take place at our indoor facility, located at 117 Gosling Rd, Newington, NH.

This Winter Slow Pitch Hitting League is designed to prepare you for the 2014 Spring and Summer seasons. The game will consist of a LIVE pitcher, live batter and catcher.

Each team will be composed of 4-6 players, having at least 4 hitters, a pitcher and a catcher. You are allowed to roster more than 1 pitcher, but can only bat 4 players per game. The game will be composed of a pitcher and a catcher vs. a live hitter from the opposing team.

An "inning" will consist of each hitter getting 2 at bats, and the inning will switch once all 4 hitters have hit. The game lasts 45 minutes, or 7 innings, whichever comes first. *Games can go for a full hour, if they have not played 7 innings, if BOTH teams are able to stay for the full hour.*

Points will be scored by the location of the hit, which will be marked in the field, or the outcome of the at-bat (walk/strikeout/hbp).

The league is open to all slow pitch softball players age 18 and older.


The Hitting League will last 5 weeks with the 6th week being a playoff week. There will be a total of 6 regular games scheduled so each team will have one week with two games.

The first session of games will start the week of January 6 and the second will start the week of March 3.

The morning games will be played Monday through Friday with game start times available from 9am to 1pm. The night games will be played Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-10pm. There may be some additional night game times available, if there is I will send an email out as the nights become available.


Register your team of 4 to 6 players online by clicking the full team registration below or by calling 603-431-6700.

Full Team Registration

Once registered you will be sent a full team registration form by email. On the full team form you will list the team representative, all player information and scheduling availability. We will also send our liability waiver that will need to be filled out by each player before the games begin.


The cost will be $450 for each 4 to 6 player team for six guaranteed game, maximum of eight. USATC will provide field set up, balls and a USATC representative. We can provide catchers equipment if needed.



  • We will follow a 50' pitching distance. Pitchers will have 3 warm-up pitches between innings and 6 warm-ups for new pitchers. Opposing catchers will be required to stay on the field after their inning is finished to warm up the pitcher of the opposing team. We will allow 1 minute between innings to get warmed up.
  • All batters (4 maximum) bat in order to be determined by team representative prior to the start of the game. If a player is injured or can't continue to play, we will allow a player every inning to hit twice.
  • Games will be played with a 12" soft-core softball
  • Indoor shoes are required for all players.
  • Catchers must be in full gear
  • Conflicts of schedules are the responsibility of the team representative and they must notify the League director 48 hours prior to the start of the game. Failure to notify will result in the loss of the scheduled game with no make-up.
  • Teams are required to arrive prior to their game time to be ready to go by the scheduled start time.
  • There will be NO bat restrictions.



Scorekeepers (or team representatives) will make a judgment ruling based on location of batted ball. We will have marked off parts of the field determining different points. Catchers will be calling balls and strikes. We ask that all team representatives and catchers follow the honor code. A USATC administrator will be present during all sessions to handle any disputes.

Scoring will be as follows:


0 Points:Strikeout, pop up that hits the top of cage

1 Point:Ground balls, walk, hit by pitch

2 Points:Line drive to sides or back net, above first rope

3 Points:Line drive to sides or back net, above second rope

4 Points:Line drive to sides or back net, above third rope

5 Points:Line drive back to the pitcher

10 Points:Inside home run square at top of back net (ball cannot hit top net)



The top 4 scoring teams will make the playoffs. Each of the 4 top scoring teams will receive two $10 vouchers for USATC building use. The top 2 teams will receive a first and second place prize. Prizes to be determined.

The schedule for playoffs will be announced at the end of week five.


For any questions about the Adult Winter Hitting League, contact Alissa at 603-431-6700 or email